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Every great story has to start somewhere. A beginning that creates the characters we love. And each hero has one — an origin story that tells us what made them who they are today. Take Batman for instance. His rage against evil doers is fueled by the murder of his parents as a boy. Superman, well he’s only here on earth because his home planet blew up when he was a baby. Even Ariel had to start somewhere — she might have never been so bold to venture towards the surface if her father hadn’t been so controlling. You see, the beginning matters. And for San Diego, for California in fact, it all began when a voyager discovered a peninsula peeking through the early morning mist of the Pacific Ocean. Welcome to Point Loma.


Historically, Point Loma has been described as “where California began.” And for good reason. This hilly peninsula is the landing place of the first European expedition to come ashore in present-day California. That’s kind of a big deal. In 1542, the Portuguese navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed his ship into the San Diego Bay, and that must have been quite a sight to see. Because Point Loma not only shapes California’s history, it quite literally shapes San Diego. As in, the shape of the peninsula surrounding the city literally blocks the Pacific Ocean, which in turn creates the San Diego Bay. Like I said, Point Loma is kind of a big deal. Lucky for us, we can still see what Juan saw when he first stepped foot on solid sand. Cabrillo National Monument is located at the furthest tip of Point Loma, and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean, a jagged sandstone cliff coastline, the bay, and if you time it right, maybe a passing whale or two. As we look inland from the ocean, we see a lot going on. Located west of downtown San Diego, Point Loma includes Sunset Cliffs, Harbor Island and Shelter Island — featuring a full working marina, wonderful restaurants, a variety of accommodations and activities, stunning views and more. Point Loma tends to be an upscale neighborhood with a mix of single-family homes, townhomes, and condos. Many homes in Point Loma offer amazing views of the bay and downtown. Homes in Sunset Cliffs offer stunning views of the ocean.


Point Loma lets you have many different experiences, all in one day. You could start off by playing the part of a paleontologist. Looming at heights of 400 feet, the Sunset Cliffs contain fossils that date back 75 million years, which are constantly being revealed as the never-ending waves erode the sandstone bluffs. Next, become an explorer as you visit the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. Stand at the tip of the peninsula and witness views that postcards, and countless insta posts, are made of. Built in 1855, the lighthouse marks the entry point to the San Diego Bay, and is possibly San Diego’s most famous landmark. Near the lighthouse, you can become a marine biologist as you explore the best tide pooling in the city, and have some hands-on fun discovering flowery anemones, crabs, mollusks and a myriad of other sea creatures inhabiting the reef. After all that science you can indulge your artsy side by heading over to Liberty Station. You’ll recognize the long oval hallways of this former Naval Training Station from the movie “Top Gun.” Yeah, this is where Maverick was made! But you’ll remember Liberty Station most for what it has become — a waterfront urban village that includes hotels, restaurants, breweries, shopping, community events and the popular Liberty Public Market. This large open space gathering place offers stalls filled with prepared foods, beer, wine, pastries and crafts. The creative community here is also a thriving arts district, with over 48 museums, galleries, artist and design studios, dance companies and other organizations. And when thinking of Point Loma, let’s not forget about the fully functioning Marina, complete with a selection of seafood that is the best in the city, both fresh off the boat and from the kitchen. The Point Loma marina is flanked on each side by two distinct maritime areas — Harbor Island and Shelter Island.

Shelter Island. First and foremost, Shelter Island is almost an island, but not quite. It’s actually connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land. And speaking of narrow strips of land, the “island” itself is just a few hundred feet wide, enough for a single street. But this skinny street has a lot going on, whether you want to stay on land or off. Fishermen depart from here on both short and long-range sportfishing trips, looking to pull in a variety of Pacific fish like Yellowtail, Halibut, Albacore, Dorado, Calico Bass and a variety of rock fish. Landlubbers can live their best Shelter Island lives lounging by the pool of one of its resort hotels, such as the famous Humphreys Half Moon Inn and Suites. You can enjoy live music at a summer “Concert by The Bay” or pick the perfect grassy area for a picnic on a warm day.

Harbor Island. This two-mile stretch of mini peninsula has a lot going on for being such a small piece of Point Loma real estate. Joggers, walkers, skaters and bikers enjoy a cool breeze and take in the San Diego skyline as they make their way down this thin strip of land. Harbor Island is known for restaurants with top-notch cuisine and views to match, such as the famous Tom Ham’s Lighthouse and Island Prime Costerra. You can enjoy a stay at one of Shelter Island’s large hotels or just stop by to experience the 4th of July fireworks, the annual boat Parade of Lights or the internationally known America’s Cup sailing race.


Here are a few things I recommend to make your Point Loma experience even more memorable.

Must Taco
Mitch’s Seafood. We know it’s family-owned by fishermen. We know they serve fresh seafood caught in San Diego waters, with a menu that changes almost daily. But we don’t know how they manage to make a fish taco that is just so purely and simply…good. Until we figure it out, we’re just going to keep coming back for more.
Must Dinner and a Movie
The Pearl Hotel. This fun and funky little hotel has a 70’s vibe that they work hard to maintain. The coolest thing though, kitty cats, is that once a week they serve dinner poolside while projecting a classic movie over the water.
Must Golf
The Loma Club. This little gem of a par-three golf course is all charm. It’s also an official San Diego landmark, as locals and tourists alike have been teeing off to majestic downtown views since the early 1900’s.
Must Bike
Point Loma Tidepools and Bluffs Trail. Point Loma offers a lot of great waterfront biking. But this one also offers views, wildlife, wildflowers and is accessible all year round.
Must Paddle and Chill
Grab a stand-up paddle board and set out from Sun Harbor Marina. You can enjoy the slow float as you check out boats, yachts, seals and even catch a little live music coming from Humphreys Half Moon Inn and Suites.

Point Loma Properties

Over the years, we’ve represented both Point Loma buyers and sellers. If Point Loma real estate is a vision for your future, give me a call! I’d love to talk with you.

411 San Gorgonio

411 San Gorgonio
4 bed / 7 bath / sq. ft. 5020

3445 Trumbull St

3445 Trumbull St
5 bed / 3 bath / sq. ft. 3128

Point Loma

San Diego Neighborhoods: Point Loma in 60 Seconds
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Point Loma is located on a peninsula and is marked by the unmistakable outline of Sunset Cliffs, home of water, sun and amazing views. Point Loma has a wide variety of school systems that on average rank a 7 out of 10. Condos, starting prices around $290 000 and detached homes starting prices around $740 000. And if you’re worried about the plane noise, Point Loma offers the quieter homes program to impacted properties.
So, here’s the fun. You can cannot live or visit in Point Loma without being obsessed with Point Loma Fish Market, the best fresh seafood in San Diego County. And if you must know, my must is visiting the outdoor concert venue at Humphrey, sits right on the water with the waves crashing at your feet.
Beautiful Point Loma Home for Sale.
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Point Loma has always been a home base for those whose very lives depend on the water. Today it is more about those whose lifestyles depend on water.
3536 Lowell happens to have a front row seat to see the beauty of the San Diego Bay. Homes that are truly beautiful make everyday living possible but they also make the home itself a work of art. And what I feel like what you get with 3536 Lowell, is a home that’s human sized. It’s not imposing. It’s something you can live in every single day. But it still is a showpiece to both the neighborhood and the guests that get to enjoy it.
The architect, Lucy Muchacha, put her personal touch on the home. But you feel that is reminiscent of so many great architects that came before her. There’s so much beautiful intension in this home. And what you see when there’s so much intention in the architecture and design is you don’t just get beautiful rooms that are impressive, you get flow.
[Name missed01:48] believes the homeowners found a master artisan who’s known for his beautiful woodwork. That artisan special designed custom doors built throughout the home and held together by wood gals. With multiple different types of beautiful rich wood throughout the home you see a sense of nature and also a sense that this property is unique as a fingerprint itself.
In addition to its truly remarkable architecture, 3536 Lowell is fortunate enough to have a front row seat to peer upon the beauty that is San Diego.

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Can I get a list of Point Loma homes for sale?
Of course you can! Give me a call!
Where can I find the best view of downtown from Point Loma?
For spectacular San Diego skyline views, head over to Shelter Island to enjoy a cocktail at one of the lush resorts or a picnic at Shoreline Park. It’s a pristine view, day or night. And if you’re in the mood for more of an ocean view, Sunset Cliffs is the must-see place to be at the end of the day. Bask in the warm glow of the setting sun as Pacific waves crash into the sandstone cliffs below.
What is it like living in Point Loma San Diego?
Point Loma is subtle and exciting, all at the same time. The excitement stems from the many great activities that are available, right at your porch step. The fact that you have access to oceanfront, bayfront, wetlands and tidepools gives you the opportunity to do almost any aquatic activity you can imagine — surf, swim, paddleboard, fish, boat or explore. The subtleness comes from Point Loma’s strong sense of community. As San Diego’s most historic neighborhood, a solid feeling of family has long been embedded here. You feel at home and at ease, almost instantly upon arriving.
What to do in Point Loma San Diego?
There’s a ton to do in Point Loma! First, you can hit up the coast to experience everything California has to offer. Enjoy postcard-quality Pacific Ocean views from atop the 400-foot bluffs of Sunset Cliffs. Or maybe get a little closer to the seashore, and the sea life, as you explore top-notch tide pools that teem with flowery anemones, crabs, mollusks and other sea creatures. You can even leave the coast altogether to catch a few fish of your own in a chartered fishing boat. Back on land, get to know your military history in a laid-back setting, as you set out for a day in Liberty Station. This waterfront urban village hosts hotels, restaurants, breweries, shopping, community events and the popular Liberty Public Market. Need some alone time? Go for a jog at Shelter Island or sit down for a picnic with skyline views in Shoreline Park.
47,981 people live in Point Loma
No. of Housing Units:
6,293 houses, condos, and apartments in Point Loma
Walking Score:
City Representative:
Nearest Hospital:
Kaiser Permanente Point Loma
Sharp Rees-Stealy Point Loma
Public Schools:
Loma Portal Elementary
High Tech Elementary
High Tech middle school
High Tech high school
Point Loma High School
Private Schools:
Warren-Walker School
Rock Academy
Distance to Dowtown:
7 mi
Distance to San Diego Airport:
4.1 mi
Distance to the beach:
Ocean Beach 4.3 mi