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Something primitive happens to you on certain days in San Diego. An instinctual urge, that seems to pull at your very being. Let me explain. You wake up like any other morning. But something is different. It’s coming from the outside. And it’s calling…for you. First, the sun seduces you. Gentle light slowly invites itself inside through opened blinds and curls its way around the edges of closed curtains — enticing you, almost taunting you. Telling you that you should be outside somewhere basking in this brightness, because a day this perfect may never happen again. Then you step outside, and the breeze agrees —gently tugging at your sleeve and whispering into your ear:
“You should be at that beach. On that boardwalk. In that sun. Because something is happening there. Everything is happening, and you don’t want to miss it.”
Well, that “something happening” is life. “That beach” where it’s all going down, is P.B. And that primal instinct pulling you towards the coast is correct — you don’t want to miss it. Welcome to Pacific Beach.


Pacific Beach, or “P.B.” as the locals call it, is located just south of La Jolla and north of Point Loma. It’s the centerpiece of three of San Diego’s most popular beaches, with North P.B. above and Mission Beach below — all connected by the Ocean Front Walk. This wide, paved pathway runs for 5.9 miles along the sand until it eventually continues behind Mission beach to the end of the peninsula. On any given morning, day or night, the P.B. boardwalk is a hub of activity. Runners, rollerbladers, sunbathers, surfers, foodies, families, tourists, townies, partiers and people-watchers — P.B. has it all. The youth and energy extends beyond the white sand beaches and boardwalk into the trendy restaurants, lively bars and overall goodtime-seeking crowds that make this neighborhood more than a place. It’s the place to be. You can find a menagerie of real estate in Pacific Beach and its’ sub-neighborhoods of Mission Beach, Crown Point and North PB — from cozy condos to multi-million dollar homes. Custom homes are prevalent, although you can find a mix of charming craftsman and ultra-modern homes with unique architecture.

Mission Beach expands 2 miles at the southernmost end of PB and is lined with gorgeous beach homes. Although no large yards, these homes are just steps from the bay to the east and the ocean to the west. These homes range from 1940’s beach bungalows to multi-level ocean view masterpieces.

Crown point is located east of Mission bay. It’s a bit more relaxed with more relaxing things to do, including paddle boarding, golfing and s’more-roasting over a bonfire on the bay.

North P.B. has a quiet, residential neighborhood feel with a family atmosphere, and is close to Law St. beach and the famous Tourmaline Surf Park. The beaches are a great spot to relax as they sit below the bluffs and are sheltered from high winds. In addition to the beaches, there are also grassy parks where you can enjoy a sunset picnic or sunrise yoga.


Beautiful. Youthful. And full of energy. P.B. is scenic by day and a party scene by night. If you’re on the prowl for a good time, Garnett Ave after the sun goes down is quite the attraction for the young and attractive crowd. Up and down the avenue, you’ll find a vibrant nightlife smorgasbord of dancing, craft beer drinking, trendy food tasting, fancy cocktail sipping and passerby ogling. And while it’s mostly college-aged and young professionals crowding the streets at night, the daytime offers much to do for anyone looking to make some memories. Rent a beach cruiser to ride the boardwalk with the family and buy some souvenirs. Enjoy an enlightening stroll down the historical Crystal Pier or a picnic with panoramic views at Kate Sessions Park. Learn to surf like a pro at the San Diego Surf School, crush some beach volleyball at Sail Bay or simply take a stool at Lahaina Beach House to drink in the sunset, along with a cocktail. If you want to live by the beach and by the action, Pacific Beach is where you want to buy.


Here are a few things I recommend to make your Pacific Beach experience even more memorable.
Must Caffeinate
The Grounds Bean Bar. Satisfy your cravings and your aesthetic nature. Hot coffee, amazing lattes, teas, kombucha floats and a delicious fancy avocado toast! The décor is florally eclectic and really adds to the trendiness of this coffee hot spot.
Must Breakfast
Kono’s Café. If you’re going to Crystal Pier, you can miss it. Because Kono’s is literally located at the entrance. Since ‘91 this place has been a staple for anyone who steps a sandy foot on the P.B. boardwalk. Timeless. Simple. And delicious.
Must Brunch
Isabel. Latin-Asian fusion that will make you forget about last night. The Carnitas quesadilla is to die for, and your heart will melt like the Jack cheese does over their signature roasted rosemary potatoes. The food here is somehow healthy without taking away any of the comfort.
Must Tiki
As they say, “sway better” at The Grass Skirt. This place combines the fun, lighthearted, escapist nature of the tiki culture with seriously inventive and wonderfully crafted cocktails and food. Make your tiki-time even more legit when you drink from a golden skull.
Must Rooftop Bar
PB Shore Club. What can I say? It’s one of the most popular bars in one of the most popular beaches in one of the most popular cities in the world. Buckle up buttercup, you’re gonna have a night to remember. Maybe. It all depends on how many Red Bull Vodka slushies you slurp down.
Must Instagram
Everything. I mean, this place is what social media feeds were made for. Pretty people everywhere getting into all kinds of shenanigans at a place so beautiful that a filter should be named after it. Get to snapping, posting and toking.
Must Beach Yoga
Reinvigorate your soul and repair your body from the night before during oceanfront yoga at Palisades park. Down at the end of Law street, on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific you’ll find 100’s of California beach bodies in downward dog — every Saturday and Sunday morning from 10:00 to 1130 am.

Pacific Beach Properties

Over the years, we’ve represented both Pacific Beach buyers and sellers. If Pacific Beach real estate is a vision for your future, give me a call! I’d love to talk with you.

2377 Beryl St.

2377 Beryl St 92109
3 bed / 3 bath / sq. ft. 1717

1734 La Playa

1734 La Playa 92109
3 bed / 3 bath / sq. ft. 1606

Pacific Beach

San Diego Neighborhoods: Pacific Beach in 60 Seconds
HGTV’s Clip of our Pacific Beach Remodel
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Master bath.

Male speaker 1
New vanities, new counter, new lights, new hardware. I think I could spend your whole budget on just this bathroom.

Male speaker 2
So, this is the last bedroom here.

Male speaker 1
What just happened?

I’m stuck in the flooring, help.

Male speaker
You, of all people, will get your foot stuck in the floor. Wow. I mean, it looks like termite damage. We’ll have to do a termite inspection first. I mean, tenting could cost a few grand, now. Be prepared for that.

Male speaker 2
I don’t think it’s a good sign when your real estate agents heal, goes through the floor.

Mission Hills Resources

Can I get a list of Pacific Beach homes for sale?
Yes you can! Give me a call!
Where to eat in Pacific Beach.
PB is known for its active beach scene and dynamic nightlife, but there’s plenty to excite your taste buds as well. Here’s just a few places to get you started! Isabel, The Grass Skirt, PB Shore Club (also great for drinks!) JRDN, Kono’s Cafe, Pacific Beach Fish Shop, Iron Pig Alehouse, Oscar’s Mexican Seafood, The Patio on Lamont, Pacific Beach AleHouse and of course, Taco Surf.
How far is Ocean Beach from Pacific Beach?
OB or PB — which one is better? The debate is never evening. But to find out for yourself, it will take you 14 minutes to drive from one to the other. (About 8 miles)
What to do in Pacific Beach?
PB is basically where you want to be, if you want to be in the thick of it all. And it depends on what you’re looking for. Sand and Sun? No problem. The Ocean Front walk will lead you down 5.9 miles of some of the country’s best beaches — from North PB down to Mission Beach. The people-watching here is amazing, as you’ll see a mix everyone — from classic California beach bodies looking to stand out in the crowd, to families on vacation just looking to relax in the sand. Start your day at the beach off right, right away in the morning. Reinvigorate your soul and repair your body from the night before during oceanfront yoga at Palisades park. After that, head down to the sand! You can surf, boogie or paddleboard, as well as play in the waves, play volleyball or play hard to get with the singles on the blanket next to you. Daytime offers much to do for anyone looking to make some memories. Rent a beach cruiser to ride the boardwalk with the family and buy some souvenirs. Enjoy an enlightening stroll down the historical Crystal Pier or a picnic with panoramic views at Kate Sessions Park. The PB boardwalk is the hub of activity. Lively bars, trendy restaurants and goodtime-seeking crowds engulf the area to live their best lives. At night, this vibe continues off the sand for a few blocks inland from the beach. You’ll find craft beer bars, crafted cocktail establishments and fine dining mixed amongst the livelier bars and gathering places. At the end of a full day and night in PB, you’ll definitely have some stories to tell. And most likely, a full Insta story feed as well.
48,417 people live in Pacific Beach
No. of Housing Units:
22,554 houses, condos, and apartments in Pacific Beach
Walking Score:
City Representative:
Nearest Hospital:
Beach Area Family Healthcare
Sharp Mary Birch Hospital
Public Schools:
Barnard Elementary School
Pacific Beach Middle School
Mission Bay High School
Sessions Elementary School
Distance to Dowtown:
8.8 mi
Distance to San Diego Airport:
8.9 mi
Distance to the beach:
1 mi