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The culture in Ocean Beach is so strong, not even time can threaten it. Seriously. A century has changed the buildings, the businesses, the landscape, and the last names, but not the loyalty. The laid-back, funky, California beach lifestyle wasn’t inspired here, it was invented. It’s timeless. And magical. Because when you enter OB, the local vibe begins transferring into your being almost immediately. You slow down a bit — to appreciate the smell of the ocean, the push of the breeze, the warmth of the sun. Your urges change. You want to cancel the meetings for the rest of the day. Slip out of your socks and into some sandals. Your impulse is to grab a slice from Pizza Port and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Maybe get to know their dog too. Worries become little things, “nothings” in fact, that roll off your back as easy as the waves rolling in off the Pacific ocean in the setting sun. You’re living in the moment. You’re loving life. You’re becoming an “OBecian.” Welcome to Ocean Beach.


Ocean beach, referred to as “O.B.”, lies at the end of the I-8, along the northwest side of the Point Loma peninsula. This historic San Diego beach community occupies one of the most stunning stretches of the California coastline. It was founded in 1887 as a popular resort town and tourist attraction. But after an oceanfront amusement park was washed away into the sea, the locals took over. A group of visitors decided to stay in Ocean Beach — developing housing and building a sense of community. And as it became cut off from the tourist scene, O.B.’s local culture and pride grew. The residents developed schools, community programs, neighborhood traditions and governments. Today, O.B. has been rediscovered by the masses, but the pride of the beach village remains. Speaking of beaches, there are a number in O.B. to choose from. Newport beach has a lot to offer, including endless surf watching and the longest concrete Pier on the West Coast, which extends 2,000 feet across the water. Ocean Beach has a number of residences with limited space to grow. You’ll find that cottages, bungalows and apartments are common architecture styles here. O.B. is eternally popular among students and surfers, but you can also find families residing in this area.


The sense of community is ev
erywhere you go in O.B. Loyalty here is fierce. Some people “shop local” — here they “live local.” The human connection of sustainability can be felt through business, art, music and a genuine sense of realness. The main drag, Newport Avenue, is filled with many unique shops, delicious eateries, tattoo parlors, dive bars, local surf shops, small charming hotels and much more. If you’re looking for a lot of chain restaurants and stores, you’re barking up the wrong beach. But if you are looking to bark up a beach, Dog Beach is for you — it’s nationally famous and one of the first official leash-free beaches in the United States. It’s a landmark in the community and a place where pets and people come together to splash in the waves and celebrate the spirit of Southern California. Overall, whether you’re a surfer, a sun worshiper, an outdoor yogi, an entrepreneur in search of a tan or anyone in between, O.B. is a place that has to be lived in, to be belie


Here are a few things I recommend to make your Ocean Beach experience even more memorable.
Must Eat or Else You Are Missing Out on Life
OB Noodle House. I mean, seriously. Sure, it’s known for its signature pho bowls and Asian-fusion dishes. And yes, it has been featured on shows and in magazines. But it is just that good. The spicy garlic wings alone will make you want to move to the neighborhood, like right now.
Must Surf
Newport Ave Beach. If you’ve got what it takes, this surf-only beach is where you go.
Must Boogie Board
Not ready to ride giants? Saratoga Ave Beach is the place to boogie it out.
Must Take in the Sunset
Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. It has this name for a reason. Find parking beforehand. Get your camera ready. And take in the moment.
Must Shop
OB Farmers Market. This is the local essence of O.B. in action. Fill your shopping tote and your soul.
Must Observe Humans
Wonderland OB. This is what people-watching was meant to be. The drinks and food are top-notch, but you can see a bit of everything here — eclectic locals, eccentric tourists, wide-eyed babies, wandering-eyed millennials, surf dudes, beach bods, Dad bods, and maybe an old guy on a beach cruiser with a python. All this, plus the best view of the pier and sunset in Ocean Beach.
Must Brunch
Raglan Public House. New Zealand inspiration blends in with OBecian culture to provide some amazing food and a unique feel. Oh yeah, and the cocktails are the best on the block.
Must Experience
Ocean Beach Tidepools. Located at the foot of Newport Avenue beneath the Pier, you can see a variety of life, including sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, barnacles, mussels, snails, crabs, limpets and anemones.

Ocean Beach Properties

Over the years, we’ve represented both Ocean Beach buyers and sellers. If Ocean Beach real estate is a vision for your future, give me a call! I’d love to talk with you.

4444 W Point Loma Blvd.

4444 W Point Loma Blvd. #8 – 92107
sq. ft. 986

4430 Hill St

4430 Hill St
5 bed / 6 bath / sq. ft. 3539

Ocean Beach

Mia Tidwell, HGTV, San Diego Real Estate Agent
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Often referred to as OB, this community invented the laid back, funky California beach lifestyle. Now, if you love your furry friends, Ocean Beach is also one of the first official leash free beaches in the United States. Ocean Beach has two schools: one public and one private. And the real estate here is very hot. Condos start at about $400 000 and detached homes started about $800 000.
Now, for the fun part. You know the saying no shoes, no shirt, no problem? Well, this is a way of life here in Ocean Beach. You must eat at the OB Noodle House. It’s known for its signature [name missed00:43] and it’s also been featured on shows and many magazines.

Now, if you want one of my must do’s, you must take in the sunset at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, which sits right at the top of the cliffs, so don’t look down.

At the Beach Towel Test: Hot Properties San Diego
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Male speaker
So, this is where you sleep every night, and when you wake up, there’s hundreds of people on this boardwalk just looking right in.
Let’s do a towel test. You get outside, I’m going to come out of the shower and let’s see if you can see me.

Female speaker
All right, give me a minute.
All right, Seth, I am ready. Come out of the shower.

Male speaker
What do you think?

Female speaker
I see you.

Male speaker
The whole way?

Female speaker
You’re spinning.

Male speaker
What about this?

Female speaker
Yes, I see everything that you’re doing. Everybody else out here can see you, too. I don’t think we can sell it like this.

Mission Hills Resources

Can I get a list of Ocean Beach homes for sale?
Yes, I have the most current one! Give me a call!
How long is the Ocean Beach pier?
1,971 feet. That makes the Ocean Beach Municipal Pier more than just long — it makes it the longest concrete pier on the West Coast! It gets over 6,000 visitors a year and is one of San Diego’s most visited landmarks. It’s amazing to stroll out and watch the ocean swells pass below your feet as they prepare to crest and crash on the sand.
What did the Ocean say to the Beach?
Nothing. It just waved.
Sorry, I couldn’t contain myself.
Where can I get plant-based fast food in Ocean Beach?
Ocean Beach offers more delicious, unique and arguably famous food options than you can shake a stick at. And If you only eat stick-like foods, you’re also in luck. Plant Power Fast Food on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard is amazing, and Second Nature on Cass St. is number one on many lists.
31,148 people live in Ocean Beach
No. of Housing Units:
13,758 houses, condos, and apartments in Ocean Beach
Walking Score:
City Representative:
Nearest Hospital:
Kaiser Permanente Point Loma
Student Healthcare Project – OB1 Clinic
Public Schools:
Ocean Beach Elementary School
Correia Middle School
Point Loma High School
Distance to Dowtown:
8 mi
Distance to San Diego Airport:
4.6 mi
Distance to the beach:
1 mi