Mission Hills


Ahh, Mission Hills.
It’s more than one of San Diego’s most sought after residential neighborhoods.
More than a place.
Mission Hills is a mood.
Every street, estate, eatery and individual just feels like, California. Laid back, yet alive. Local, yet exclusive. Trend-setting, yet set in history. Rich and Refreshing. It’s a hint of magnolia on a warm afternoon breeze. A last, slow kiss of the setting sun. And a feeling that everything in the world is just the way it should be. Welcome to Mission Hills.


Nestled in the hillside above Interstate 5, Mission Hills is known for its views of downtown and the San Diego Bay. The streets, wonderfully wide and comfortable, are also pleasantly serene and picturesque. You’ll be strolling along, admiring a property, and turn a corner to find yourself standing on the edge of a canyon — peering into a forest of lush vegetation, palms and Birds of Paradise. It’s a wonderful blend of natural beauty, culture and architecture. And speaking of architecture, this area was built for it. Literally. Masterpieces by early 20th century legends like William Templeton Johnson and William Hebbard stand in pristine condition, along with mid-century designs from 50’s and 60’s phenoms Frank Lloyd Wright and Sim Bruce Richards. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Diego county, Mission Hills boasts hundreds of historically designated properties. These homes don’t just tell a story, they can be a smart investment — saving you up to 70% in your property taxes. Property wise, this is definitely not a cookie-cutter neighborhood. A walk through the streets will reveal everything from quaint bungalows with meticulously manicured landscaping, to Spanish revivals that drip with history, to large mansions that shimmer with high society.


The atmosphere here could best be described as low-key, yet lively. You can set your own pace of excitement because there is something for everybody in Mission Hills. Most of the local businesses line the streets of West Washington Blvd, along Goldfinch St, and down to the neighboring LGBTQ community of Hillcrest. You’ll find boutiques, salons, nurseries and coffee shops nestled among a multitude of dog and human friendly restaurants. There are hidden gems galore — from watering holes with eccentric histories and eclectic drinks to surprise carve-outs in residential areas where you can catch selfie-inducing sunsets. The whole family thrives here as well. K-8 public and private schools (including highly regarded Francis Parker School) will keep the kids educated, while Pioneer Park, food trucks, holiday celebrations and Cinema Under the Stars keeps them entertained.


Here are a few things I recommend to make your Mission Hills experience even more memorable.
Must Eat
Cardellino. Delicious Italian charm that doesn’t end with dinner — visit their walk-up ice cream window for an amazing dessert.
Must Brunch
Hands down has to be Hash House A Go Go. Twisted farm food for your soul.
Must caffeinate
Meshuggah Shack. I love the coffee. My dog loves the company. We all love the atmosphere.
Must hit up
Starlite Bar. From the ambience to the cocktails, everything here is well crafted.
Must sing
The Lamplighter for Karaoke. The singing in this award-winning Mission Hills staple may be off-key, but the good times are definitely on point.
Must see
Harper’s Topiary Garden. Sculpted shrubbery that would leave even Edward Scissorhands green with envy.
Must know
The streets here are for the birds. No, really — the streets of Mission Hills are named after birds in alphabetical order, starting with Albatross and ending with Lark!
Must appreciate
A stroll down Sunset Blvd, which marks the oldest and arguably the most architecturally stunning area of Mission Hills.

Mission Hills Properties

Over the years, we’ve represented both Mission Hills buyers and sellers. If Mission Hills real estate is a vision for your future, give me a call! I’d love to talk with you.

4225 Arista St.

4225 Arista St. 92103
6 bed / 5 bath / sq. ft. 5739

2222 Guy St.

2222 Guy St. 92103
3 bed / 4 bath / sq. ft. 3118

Mission Hills

San Diego Neighborhoods: Mission Hills in 60 seconds
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Welcome to Mission Hills. Mission Hills is the most centrally located community in all of San Diego County. Located in one of the most picturesque canyons in San Diego, Mission Hills was founded in 1908 and is one of the oldest communities in San Diego. It also consisted of the highest density of historical homes. Home to not only public schools but top-rated private school, Francis Parker. You can expect condos starting at $375 000 while detached homes start around $800 000.
That’s the facts. Here’s the fun. Mission Hills will meet all of your travel needs. If you want a quick weekend away, the airport’s just eight minutes down the hill. Mission Hills also borders the lively LGBTQ community of Hillcrest. Always a great time. Now, if you want, one of my must take a stroll down San Diego’s famed Sunset Boulevard.
An Incredible Mission Hills San Diego Home for Sale

Mission Hills Resources

Can I get a list of Mission Hills homes for sale?
You certainly can! Just give me a call!
Where is Mission Hills, San Diego?
Mission Hills holds a special place in my heart, but I’m sure you’re looking for more of a geographical location! First off, it’s just north of Downtown, close enough for a super short commute. Located in the hills overlooking Old Town, Downtown and the San Diego Bay, Mission Hills sits west of Hillcrest and south of the San Diego River Valley. Its high perch and long views put Mission Hills on the shortlist for best San Diego neighborhood.

Perhaps a more poetic way to describe its location comes from a pamphlet issued by the Inspiration Heights real estate company, back in 1907:

“At your feet lies the Harbor, its mirror of amethyst held safe from the surges of the outer sapphire sea by the gigantic elbow of Point Loma, and the long low reaches of Coronado, whose gleaming line is fretted by the picturesque towers of the world-famed hotel…looking to the west, you see first, the Little ‘Old Town’ of San Diego and the hamlet of Pacific Beach, then Mission Bay separated by the ocean by a silvery strand against which the breakers are constantly pounding and foaming.”

How far is Mission Hills from Balboa Park San Diego?
Missions Hills is a short hop and a quick skip away from Balboa Park. It’s just 2.5 miles (about a 9-minute drive) away with Hillcrest, Bankers and Cortez Hill in between.

See for yourself — the map can’t lie.

How far is Mission Hills from University of San Diego?
If you want to venture out of Mission Hills to take in some knowledge (or some pictures) at one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, (literally it’s ranked in the top 18) the University of San Diego is just ten minutes away.


Why Mission Hills Is the Best Neighborhood in San Diego
Where do I begin? It sits atop lush hills and spirals around majestic canyons, with views of Downtown and the San Diego Bay. Its wonderfully wide streets are lined with architectural and historical masterpieces so full of history, you can hear them whisper towards you as you pass by. The schools are sought after. The food is drooled over. And the atmosphere has everything you would desire — to race your heart and quiet your soul. Mission Hills is more than a place. It is a mood. And it’s one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in our great city.
Where is the Mission Hills Nursery?
The Mission Hills nursery is planted in San Diego history. (see what I did there?) Opened by the “Mother of Balboa Park” in 1910, it’s San Diego’s oldest garden center. So, its roots in the Mission Hills community, quite literally run deep. Here’s how you get there:

From Highway I-5
From Highway 5 take the Washington Street exit. Go east on Washington Street until you hit Goldfinch and make a left turn. Continue on Goldfinch until you hit Ft. Stockton Drive and make a left turn. Continue for 6 blocks on Ft. Stockton Drive and on the left side of the street you’ll find San Diego’s oldest nursery.
From Highway 163
From Highway 163 take the Washington Street Exit going West. Travel West on Washington Street until you hit Goldfinch and make a right turn. Continue on Goldfinch until you hit Ft. Stockton Drive and make a left turn. Continue for 6 blocks on Ft. Stockton Drive and on the left side of the street you’ll find San Diego’s oldest nursery

9,230 people live in Mission Hills
No. of Housing Units:
4,561 houses, condos, and apartments in Mission Hills
Walking Score:
City Representative:
Nearest Hospital:
Scrips Mercy Hospital
UC San Diego Medical Center
Public Schools:
Grant K-8
High Tech High
Private Schools:
Francis Parker K-12
Distance to Dowtown:
4.8 mi
Distance to San Diego Airport:
5.1 mi
Distance to the beach:
Mission Beach 4.5 mi
Ocean Beach 4.3 mi