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How do you best describe Little Italy? Not what it looks like or smells like, but what it feels like. For me, Little Italy feels like one of those grandiose, timeless fountains. Ya know, the unmissable kind that you’d discover in a piazza on a warm summer’s day, in someplace romantic and unforgettable like Florence or Rome. The kind of sight you just stop and take in, knowing full well you’re not dreaming, but you’re still not going to pinch yourself, just in case. It’s beautiful, yet bold. Orate, yet full of adrenaline. Where sensuality and masculinity seem to meet at every corner — carved out a century ago, but still breathing today. Like the fountain, this place remains flowing with life. Eternally fresh. Reinventing itself with every watery splash that sprouts into the crisp air. The atmosphere is undeniable, unapologetic and forever optimistic.


Located in the northwest district of Downtown, Little Italy represents more than just a culture. It’s the oldest continuous-neighborhood business district in San Diego. In fact, it has been a stable ethnic business and residential community since the 1920’s. At its peak, over 6,000 Italian families lived here and worked in the flourishing tuna industry. Today, both Italian American and non-Italian owned businesses make the neighborhood thrive, not only to represent San Diego, but also serve as a model to the few Little Italys’ that still remain throughout the country. Amongst a multitude of shops, eateries, galleries and cafes, you’ll find a selection of homes — from luxury high-rises to craftsman cottages, all located in a part of town that is truly priceless.


Little Italy is rooted in optimism, strength and support. In other words, you feel like family when you live here. You can count on liveliness during the day and bank on peacefulness when the sun goes down. On Saturday, hit up the famous Little Italy Mercato—a dynamic farmers market where locals shop for fresh produce along with gourmet goods, flowers, crafts and ready-made foods. Any other day or night, find yourself engulfed in San Diego’s most dynamic food and drink scene. Kettner Boulevard, otherwise known as “Top Chef Alley,” features both renowned and up-an-coming culinary masters. And India Street is lined with a decadent display of eateries featuring cuisine of both southern and northern Italy. From craft beer hot spots, like Ballast Point and Bottle Craft, to watering holes like The Waterfront Bar and Grill, which has been pouring local brews since 1934, Little Italy has something to wet any whistle.


Here’s a few things I recommend to make your Little Italy experience even more memorable.
Must Happy Hour
Craft and Commerce. Top-notch mixolo-geniuses craft impressive cocktails while an intimidating full-sized stuffed lion sits just above their heads. Surreal, and certainly a good time.
Must Sip-and-Tell
False Idol. Located through a hidden door inside Craft and Commerce, this speakeasy has a tiki vibe and drinks that speak for themselves.
Must Italian
The zestiest sauce. Savory ingredients. Handmade desserts. An Italian experience plucked from their family tree, for your table.
Must Picnic
Waterfront Park. There are views of the bay to take in. Old ships and a submarine to explore. And large fountains to play in. It truly is a picnicking paradise.
Must Brunch
Morning Glory. The décor is explosive and flamboyant, including a 30-foot pink neon flower hovering over the main dining area. And the food is just as breathtaking. Brunch will never be the same — in the best way possible.
Must Instagram
Little Italy Street Sign. It has always been there. But it never gets old.
Must Rooftop
Born and Raised. This place serves up Great Gatsby realness, from the cuisine to the décor. If you don’t believe me, check out the gold-emblazoned toilet seats. Amazing.

Little Italy Properties

Over the years, we’ve represented both Little Italy buyers and sellers. If Little Italy real estate is a vision for your future, give me a call! I’d love to talk with you.

1240 India St.

1240 India St. #903 – 92101
3 bed / 3 bath / sq. ft. 1441

1750 Kettner Blvd

1750 Kettner Blvd #310 – 92101
1 bed / 1 bath / sq. ft. 902

Little Italy Videos

San Diego Neighborhoods: Little Italy in 60 Seconds
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Founded in the 1920s, Little Italy is the oldest neighborhood business district in San Diego. At its peak, over 6000 Italian families lived here. Little Italy is San Diego’s most dynamic food and drink scene. You have condos starting at $390 000, while detached homes start around $1.9 million.
Okay, enough with the facts. Here’s the scoop. Every Saturday morning, make sure to peruse the Little Italy Mercato. It’s a dynamic farmers’ market right in the heart of town. You can see the San Diego Bay from just about every street that intersects through Little Italy. Views and energy for days. If you don’t like Little Italy, honestly, we probably can’t be friends. But if you are like me and you’re in the mood for some authentic Italian, make sure to grab some fresh made pasta at Civico 1845.
Little Italy San Diego – HGTV stars discuss selling a new listing
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[Name missed00:06] Street right here in Little Italy, has some of the most popular bars. I would live here.

So, what do you think about Hacienda?

It’s very interesting. It’s an entertainer’s property through and through, though, you know.


I think a party of some sort is a must; getting a drone up in the air, just something that gives people a better scope of the size of the property. Maybe a costume themed open house, we utilize the stage in the saloon for something. Hire a bartender.


What would you wear, chaps? Those chap on.

I’m a Spurs guy.

Oh, okay.

It’s like jewelry, you know.

Little Italy Resources

Can I get a list of condos for sale in Little Italy San Diego?
Yes you can! Give me a call!
What is there to do in Little Italy, San Diego?
Where do I begin! Whether you want to fill your heart, stomach or social media feed, Little Italy has options in abundance. Saturdays are all about the Little Italy Mercato. This famous Farmer’s Market is where you’ll find the best of everything local — from fresh produce and flowers to freshly caught sea urchins and shark. Gourmet food, gooey desserts, organic delights, crafts, clothing, coffee, you name it, the Little Italy Mercato has it. And if you missed the market, simply wander down India Street to be seduced by a selection of classic Italian eateries, or venture over to Kettner Boulevard to indulge in more contemporary cuisine. After you’ve had your fill, head to Waterfront Park to take in bay views and explore a collection of old vessels, including a legit submarine.
What to see in Little Italy San Diego?
There are sights galore in this area, but you’ll want to start off with the staple — the Little Italy Landmark Sign. Located smack-dab in the heart of India Street, this neon blue, mosaic tiled, nautically-themed sign represents the immigrant communities that settled here in the 1920’s and have made Little Italy vibrant ever since. Once you have that selfie covered, head to the Maritime Museum to explore some old, old, wooden ships, submarines and military vessels. Nearby, Waterfront Park features bay views, beautiful architecture, refreshing fountains and skyline sights. But make no mistake, the humans in this area are a sight as well! With all the food, shopping, and good time-having that happens in Little Italy, the people-watching opportunities are epic.
Where to park in Little Italy San Diego?
Little Italy can certainly get a little chaotic, especially on the weekends! However, there is metered parking along all streets and a handful of paid public parking lots along Kettner Blvd and India St. If you still have no luck, there are bigger paid public parking lots along Pacific Coast Highway, just a few blocks off of the main drag in Little Italy.
What is the main street in Little Italy San Diego?
While Kettner (Top Chef Alley), State and Juniper Streets get a lot of attention for their fancy food and phenomenal shopping, India Street is the heart and soul of Little Italy. The street is a culinary tour of authentic cuisine from both Southern and Northern Italy. You’ll find fine dining, patio cafes, craft beer joints, pubs, pizza, pasta, pastries and that’s just within the first block! Hot Tip: If you’re searching for authentic, old-fashioned Italian dining realness, don’t miss the classic Filippi’s Pizza Grotto.
5,000 people live in Little Italy
No. of Housing Units:
23,297 houses, condos, and apartments in Little Italy
Walking Score:
City Representative:
Nearest Hospital:
Sharp Rees-Stealy- 300 Fir St.
Public Schools:
Washington Elementary K-5
San Diego Int’l Studies 9-12
Private Schools:
Distance to Dowtown:
Distance to San Diego Airport:
2.2 mi
Distance to the beach:
Mission Beach: 4.5 mi.
Coronado Beach: 3.3 mi.