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San Diego. Widely known as “America’s Finest City,” and it’s easy to see why. To the west we see the mighty Pacific, the largest and deepest of the earth’s oceans, as she unfolds her last sparkling waves onto 70 miles of whispering white sand. To the north, east, and south, the city is surrounded by a mosaic of natural wonder — canyons, valleys, lakes and mountains so surreal they can best be described as a Bob Ross retrospective waiting to happen. But what about the “city” part of America’s finest? The brick and mortar that brings it all together? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because our urban side is electric. Eclectic. Eccentric. And Authentic. All at the same time. Welcome to Downtown San Diego.

THE LAYOUT and living situation

Each of the neighborhoods in Downtown is very unique and centrally located, which gives you the opportunity to tickle most any fancy without breaking a sweat.

Play by the bay. On the southwest section of Downtown, you’ll find the Marina District. The bustling boardwalk of the Embarcadero hugs the bay and hosts many historical sea vessels to explore. Waterfront park attracts food enthusiasts and entertainment seekers, as there are many festivals and concerts right at your doorstep. Speaking of doorsteps, you’ll find that luxury high-rises with million dollar views are commonplace in the district.

Stadium status. To the southeast of Downtown is East Village. Its main attraction is Petco Park, home of our beloved San Diego Padres. But you don’t have to attend a game to win here — this revitalized warehouse district has an energy all its own. You’ll find a trending social scene with hip cafes, craft breweries, contemporary restaurants and rooftop bars. East Village features modern style condos with an industrial flare, some looking into the stadium itself for a view that can’t be beat.

Light it up. If you want action, the Gaslamp is where you’ll find it. Located smack-dab in the center of Downtown, the historic Gaslamp Quarter may look tame enough. Vintage gas lamps line the streets where you can enjoy boutique shopping, eclectic galleries and patio dining at various eateries. But when those lamps light up at night, the Quarter comes alive. You’ll be inundated with fine dining restaurants, gastropubs, towering rooftop bars and posh nightclubs where the lasers don’t miss a beat and the 9-foot robot dancers are on point. The Gaslamp is definitely where it’s at.

Slow it down…town. When you want to be near the action but enjoy harmony at home, Cortez Hill is for you. This historic Downtown neighborhood is built on a hill in the northeast side, where the vintage 1920’s building “The El Cortez” sits like a cherry on top. This laid-back borough of Downtown has a mix of high-rises and townhomes, with a few coffee shops and hotels scattered throughout.

Benvenuto in famiglia. When you find your way to Little Italy, you can feel it . The streets don’t change, but the air does. You feel like your soul is getting a warm hug from an Italian grandmother —with a pinch on the cheek for good measure. This area is authentic in its Italian culture. You see it, hear it and taste it everywhere you go. Indulge in authentic Italian dining al fresco, fawn over farm-to-table fusion, grab a slice of pizza or savor an espresso and biscotti from a local café. Little Italy is a gourmet dream, featuring some of the country’s most up-and-coming chefs. The neighborhood takes pride in a weekly farmer’s market, obscure craft cocktail bars, traditional sidewalk cafes and the newly built Little Italy Food Hall. You’ll find a selection of homes, from luxury high-rises to craftsman cottages, all located in a part of town that is truly priceless.


Here’s a few things I recommend to make your Downtown San Diego experience even more memorable.
Must Taco
Sophisticated, yet authentic, Lola 55 is the best. Achiote-rubbed pork belly with grilled pineapple. There is nothing more to say. Oh, wait. Mexican mole-chocolate ice cream for dessert. DO NOT miss out on that.
Must Tour
USS Midway Museum. So, it’s a museum that is also a historical naval aircraft carrier. That already makes it a destination in itself, but there’s more. This historic naval aircraft carrier museum also features nearly 10 acres of exhibits, displays and over 30 restored aircraft. Time to put your Instagram feed on red alert.
Must Indulge
Most bars send you home with a few good stories. The Donut Bar is different. You leave here with a few extra calories — and every one of them is worth it. They serve up absolutely extravagant flavors that don’t quit until they run out for the day.
Must Rooftop
Sip, mingle and be seen at Rustic Root. This epic, open-air rooftop lounge boasts whimsical decor and whips up timeless cocktails.
Must Country
This ain’t your daddy’s country bar. Moonshine Flats is an in-your-face honky-tonk where the daisy dukes are short, the pours are long and the boot stompin don’t stop until the lights come up.
Must Dance
If you need to shake what your mamma gave ya, Sevilla Nightclub is where it’s at. Pop bottles in the booth. Bust moves on the floor. Or lose yourself in the laser lights. This is where you go out, if you’re all-in.
Must Rooftop
Born and Raised. This place serves up Great Gatsby realness, from the cuisine to the décor. If you don’t believe me, check out the gold-emblazoned toilet seats. Amazing.

Downtown San Diego Properties

Over the years, we’ve represented both Downtown San Diego buyers and sellers. If Little Italy real estate is a vision for your future, give me a call! I’d love to talk with you.

1199 Pacific Hwy

1199 Pacific Hwy #404 – 92101
2 bed / 2 bath / sq. ft. 1227

1205 Pacific Hwy

1205 Pacific Hwy #3601 – 92101
3 bed / 2 bath / sq. ft. 1945

Downtown San Diego Videos

San Diego Neighborhoods: Downtown San Diego in 60 Seconds
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Downtown San Diego is known for the Gaslamp Historic District, bustling nightlife scene and of course, Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. What’s cool about downtown is it has a plethora of communities right within it, such as the Marina District, East Village, Fortes Hill, and that’s just to name a few. A starting condo price is right around $300 000 and while there’s not many detached properties, you can snag one for $1.9 million.
Also, few other cities in the world have their airport located right in downtown. That’s the facts. Now, here’s the fun. If you like country music like me, make sure to check out Moonshine Flats for a night of line dancing. Courtside pier is also in the Marina district and has some of the hottest new restaurants in San Diego with amazing views or take a stroll around the Gaslamp. While it is a tourist attraction, it is also a favorite of the locals. My personal must the doughnut bar. It’ll fix any sweet tooth, but there’s always a line.
Downtown San Diego – HGTV stars talk about a new condo listing Downtown San Diego
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Everyone has their little checklist of I need this, I need this, I want that. So, this is the master.

You have your closet right behind you as well. No one property has every single thing in it that you want. That property doesn’t exist.
It’s pretty big.

But the reality is, if there’s one thing that you just…… it makes you fall in love with it, everything else goes out the window.

Time for the balcony.
Oh, my God. Leo, check it out.

Downtown San Diego Resources

Can I get a list of Downtown San Diego condos for sale?
You for sure can! GIve me a call!
How far is Mission Valley from Downtown San Diego?
So, you want to venture out from the historic neighborhood of Mission Hills to have a legendary night out Downtown? It’s only about 5 miles away, or about 7 minutes in a car.
How far is La Jolla from Downtown San Diego?
After watching the sunset in La Jolla Cove, you can be in the glow of the Gaslamp District in 20 to 25 minutes. Downtown is just over 13 miles from La Jolla.
How far is San Diego from LA?
It will take you just under two hours to drive from America’s Finest City to the City of Angels. Unless it is during rush hour. At the wrong time, the 120-mile drive can be devilish indeed.
34,550 people live in Downtown San Diego
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UC San Diego Health
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Washington Elementary School
SD Int’l Studies High School
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3.1 mi