Have you ever been going about your day and, out of the blue, a simple, perfect childhood memory pops into your head? The kind of nostalgic flashback that fills you with “all the feelings” — making your mouth smile and eyes tear up at the same time? Memories like the sound of Dad’s laugh as he watched you chase tadpoles on the lakeshore while camping. Or the texture of mom’s favorite sweater as she squeezed you goodbye before school. Or maybe the awesome way that sherbet ice cream would taste right after swimming lessons. Perfect. Just, perfect. And while these wonderful memories hold a special place in your heart, there’s a special place just over a bridge in San Diego that will pull at the heartstrings. Because it’s just as pure. Just as charming. Just as perfect. And it has pretty good ice cream as well. Welcome to Coronado Island.


Some would say that Coronado Island is the crown jewel of San Diego. And with good reason. Not only do the velveteen soft beaches actually sparkle, due to the mineral Mica found in the sand, but the small resort town has been dubbed “The Crown City” — as Coronado means “the crowned one” in Spanish. Add to that emerald waters, elegant gardens, charming shops, old-world mansions and an enchanting cultural heritage, and you’ve got a fairytale destination in the making. There’s even a hotel that is so spectacular and legendary, not even the ghosts want to leave. Coronado island itself is actually a peninsula that houses a massive naval base on one-half, and a quaint town with world class beaches on the other. You connect from the mainland by crossing the iconic Coronado Bridge. This 2.1 mile concrete engineering work of art rises 200 feet above the San Diego bay, high enough for an empty aircraft carrier to pass underneath. You can also take in the views and the breeze as you approach on a ferry or drive in from the south on a low, narrow, sandy isthmus called “The Silver Strand.” Coronado’s properties are distinctive, diverse and can be absolutely show-stopping. Sure, the beaches and ocean views draw in crowds, but so do the homes. “Property gazing” is a real thing, and this is the best place to do it. You’ll see a wide range of architectural styles on the island that vary from Craftsman homes, to bungalows, to Tudor-Style, to downright contemporary. Coronado boasts mainly single-family residences with a sprinkle of townhomes and condominiums. Many people live here year-round, but it’s also a thriving location for lush vacation homes. You’ll find anything from condos priced as low at 500K to sprawling waterfront estates for $ 10 million plus.


Coronado is the upper echelon of beach living, plain and simple. Tourists flock and residents flourish in the island atmosphere brought on by beaches that’ve been voted the best in the world. Coronado is where you get away without going far away — to surf, swim, sail, ride, run, rollerblade and find romance along the picture perfect shores and miles of path along the coast. A stroll down the boardwalk takes you along the fabled and highly photogenic Hotel Del Coronado. The historic, Victorian wooden beach resort has been a beacon of Coronado’s character and rich history for over 130 years, during which time everyone who is anyone has graced the halls. From Hollywood royalty, to British royalty, to an infamous ghost that is rumored to still appear today, Hotel Del seems to cast a spell on any soul that steps foot inside. Away from the beach you’ll find Orange Ave, the lifeblood of this community, where you’ll feel like you’re strolling back in time with every casual step. Full of character and community, Orange Avenue is lined with quaint shops, great neighborhood restaurants, galleries and theaters that make the island appealing to more than just the eye.


Here are a few things I recommend to make your Coronado experience even more memorable.
Must Eat
Forget home, there’s no place like Henry’s. Quality dining with a great neighborhood feel. The atmosphere here is like a warm embrace from a long lost friend.
Must Brunch
Sunday brunch in Hotel Del’s Crown Room. Legendary. And as fancy as it sounds. A feast for your senses in the most magnificent room you can imagine. It’s where Gatsby would brunch, and where the little kid in you would go to dive into dessert bar paradise. Decadent for decades.
Must Ice Cream
MooTime Cookies and Creamery. I told you there was ice cream. Handmade cold concoctions that have been serving up nostalgia since 1988. Need more convincing? Try a MooTaco: A house made waffle shell filled with ice cream and cookie dough, then dipped in chocolate & topped with almonds, chocolate chips or sprinkles. You’re welcome.
Must Do
Bonfire on the beach. Circle your squad around a fire ring on the beach for some memory making with a view. All you need are a few friends and some firewood.
Must watch
A show at Lamb’s Players Theater. They’ve been telling good stories very well for almost 50 years. After a day at the beach, treat yourself to some drama — in the best possible way.
Must happy hour
Loews Coronado. This happy hour has been the talk of “The Strand” for years. Great bay views. Good company. Quality cocktails. No complaints.
Must rent
Golf cart for exploring the island. It’s the only way to cruise. Party in slow motion and take in the sea breeze, the scenic views and some of the jaw dropping neighborhood homes.

Coronado Properties

Over the years, we’ve represented both Coronado buyers and sellers. If Coronado real estate is a vision for your future, give me a call! I’d love to talk with you.

929 1 st st 92118

929 1 st st 92118
5 bed / 5 bath / sq. ft. 4613

1220 1 st st #304

1220 1 st st #304
3 bed / 3 bath / sq. ft. 2020


San Diego Neighborhoods: A Stunning Coronado Home in 60 seconds
Selling a Home in Coronado Cays
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What we need to make sure that buyers know when we show them the property is when you drive up that’s not your neighborhood. This is your neighborhood.

Absolutely. It’s going to be a challenge but we welcome challenges because every property has its own set of challenges. They have to want the lifestyle, which is this, look, there’s a seal.

That’s a duck. That’s not a seal.

A seal went by at one point.

It ducked under.

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Can I get a list of Coronado homes for sale?
Funny you should ask, I have a list right here! Just give me a call!
How to get to Coronado Island?
There are a few options to get to Coronado Island from San Diego. The most popular, and most scenic, is to drive across the spectacular Coronado Bridge. From the I-5 South, you’ll stay in the right 2 lanes to take exit 14A for CA-75 toward Coronado. And just over two breathtaking miles of bridge later, you’re there! Another option is to take a ferry or water taxi across the bay. This is also very pretty. If you want to keep your wheels on the ground, you could drive the Silver Strand peninsula. It’s a slightly longer commute, but worth it if you’ve got more time or are afraid of bridges. (it’s a real thing)
Who owns Hotel Del Coronado?
The beautiful, charismatic, iconic (and slightly haunted) 757-room Coronado resort is owned by affiliates of New York-based Blackstone Group.
How long is the Coronado Bridge?
This bridge is absolutely magical. A concrete masterpiece that soars towards the sky in a curving arch that swoops high over the sparkling blue waters of the Big Bay, before landing gently on Coronado Island’s shores. It’s 2.1 miles long. 5 lanes wide. And infinitely majestic.
How tall is the Coronado Bridge?
This concrete beauty booms at a height of 200 feet at its tallest point. And it’s not just for show. This engineering work of art has such a high clearance so that colossal aircraft carriers can comfortably pass underneath.
24,697 people live in Coronado
No. of Housing Units:
8,396 houses, condos, and apartments in Coronado
Walking Score:
City Representative:
Nearest Hospital:
Sharp Coronado Hospital
Public Schools:
Village Elementary
Coronado Middle School
Coronado High School
Private Schools:
City Tree Christian School
Distance to Dowtown:
5.5 mi
Distance to San Diego Airport:
8.4 mi
Distance to the beach:
1 mi